It has been described as one of the most beautiful islands in the world and not unjustly so. You can explore Santorini with Santorini private tour. Santorini is a special destination, as it stands out for its incredible beauty and unique history and these are some of the reasons that rank the island in the most photographed islands of Greece. Santorini is one of the most famous tourist centers in the world, but also one of the most most beautiful parts of Europe.

1. Soil morphology

Santorini is a volcanic island and peculiar geomorphologically and this is an interesting part of the island that excites every visitor. The activity of volcanoes in the area started 1.5 million years ago and each eruption added new land, or destroyed the island, in a process full of changes. Throughout the island, we find small and large stones of ferromagnetic composition, as well as small and large pieces of lava, all of volcanic origin. The soil is sandy, with a thickness in most areas over 40 meters, about 3,600 years old and is not affected by the parent layers, which consist of semi-crystalline limestone and slate.

2. Cycladic culture and architecture

Santorini stands out for the special Cycladic architecture of its buildings and churches that testify to the influences of other eras but also for the countless picturesque alleys that flood the island and which are one of the characteristics of the Cyclades. The all-white houses with blue doors and small flower pots in the windows and in the courtyards as well as the narrow streets that lead to traditional houses of Cycladic architecture and small shops, are a very island and Greek setting, which perfectly represents the Cyclades.

One of the main Cycladic settlements is located in Akrotiri of Thira (Santorini). The archeological site in Akrotiri is one of the best preserved prehistoric settlements that we find in Greece. It is located in the southern part of the island at a distance of 14 km from Fira. It was discovered in 1967 and it is a settlement that for centuries remained, almost untouched, buried under the ashes of the volcano.

Its area exceeded 200 acres and had excellent urban planning, excellent sewerage system and ornate two-storey and three-storey buildings. Many of them had remarkable frescoes, while the furniture and household items found in combination with all the previous ones testify to the highest cultural level for the time.

3. High quality facilities

Santorini is one of the islands that every year, receives thousands of visitors from around the world and has been awarded countless times for the high quality of services in hotels and restaurants. It can offer all the modern comforts and a special quality in the realization of the holidays of every visitor, since it is an island that has it all. On the island you will find from simple and affordable accommodation, to private villas and luxury hotels with all the comforts and all this always overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean. On the island are some of the best hotels in Greece and luxury restaurants with unique quality food and amenities.

4. Romanticism in Oia

Oia in Santorini for many is one of the most picturesque villages in the world and for others a place rich in history and images. It is built on a hill and when the ship approaches Santorini, visitors are impressed by the houses that hang meteor on the rock, giving the impression of snow from afar.

Along the rock the buildings are carved into the porous and soft volcanic soil and a contrast of the landscape is created which is impressive. Oia is famous for its picturesque architecture, its romantic atmosphere, the harmonious connection of the villas and the cave houses, the medieval Venetian architecture with the traditional Cycladic architecture, the narrow streets, the numerous shops and the impressive , the dazzling white of houses and churches but mainly for the unique sunset it offers. When the sun sets, the impressive and highly romantic setting in the village of Oia, is one of the most famous attractions on the island.

5. The diet

The special soil of Santorini and its special climate produces a series of unique products offered by the volcanic soil. The delicious and at the same time healthy diet that the island offers is due to the excellent local products, such as for example the fava, the Santorini pistachio, the sweet grape, the Santorini yolk, the caper, the white eggplant, the fresh fish and the seafood, the dolmades, snails, but also the well-known tomato of Santorini. In fact, the small-fruited tomato of Santorini has such a taste that if you try it, you will understand its unique characteristic taste. It has a rich taste compared to other tomatoes and is said to be the first variety of the island that started in 1875.

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